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Icon Design

Transforming Mac Icons into Windows Icons

Some people think that there is much more professional 32-bit icons for MAC OS than for Windows in the Web. However Mac graphics may be easily converted into the *.ico files and applied for Windows. The detailed instructions on this task are below.

Loading and extracting from the archive

Mac icons in the Internet are often archived. Files can be of different types: with the *.sit extension and with two extensions *.sit.hqx. Uncommon version is *.sit.sitx, they have to be processed in the similar way as *.sit.hqx. To unpack graphics from the archive you require an archiver. Consider that you require an archiver, which reads the MAC archives and runs in Windows. The most popular such archiver is Stuffit. It can be downloaded here: www.stuffit.com. Standard Edition 8.0 or newer is suggested. The file for downloading is rather large (8 Mb). Stuffit contains the packer and unpacker. The unpacker is available for free for unlimited time.

"Stuffit standard" is rather a capricious so be sure to do all the steps just how it is described below.

  1. Launch Stuffit Expander.
  2. Drag and drop your *.sit file into Stuffit. Or, go to the File-Open menu item to open the archive.
  3. Now, find and select just the icon siles in the archive, otherwise the application can abort when packing. Choose all necessary items by holding … or ….. Then, in the main menu choose Expand-Extract.
  4. In the "Extract Dialog" box that will appear, click Browse and select where the icons will be extracted. Press OK. If you have made all the steps correctly, you will get the extracted files in the specified directory.
  5. If the extraction process completed correctly, close Stuffit. The extraction is completed but there are things to be done.

Converting into Windows format

Now you will need one of the listed programs: IconLover, ArtIcons Pro or IconXP. They can easily read Macintosh® icons and convert them into Windows® icons in seconds.

You can process .icns and .rsrc icons the similar way you process pictures of other formats: open them with the menu, drag and drop them to the application window, add to icon libraries.

Sometimes Mac icons have only 128x128 images. In this case, you will have to do 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48 subicons. You are able do it with ArtIcons, IconLover or IconXP and the Tools - New Image Format menu option.

Then, just delete unneeded options (for example, monochrome) from the icons and save them as .ico files!

unpacking icons from *.sit.hqx. files

To solve this process, you will need one more program - TurboZIP (5.0 or newer).

Run it. Then in the program toolbar press "Open" and choose *.hqx in the "file types" box. In the left box you will see the *.sit.hqx file and in the right box - simply *.sit. Then just drag the files using the coursor into any folder (for example, the desktop). Then, extract the *.sit file as described earlier. The only fault of the program is that it is not really reliable.

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