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Icon Design

{Converting|Transforming} Mac Icons {into|to} Windows {Format|Icons}

{There is an opinion|Some people think} that there is {much|a lot} more {quality|professional} 32-bit icons for MAC OS than for {Windows|XP or Vista} in the {Internet|Web}. {But|However} Mac {icons|graphics} {can|may} be {easily|simply} {converted|transformed} into the *.ico {format|files} and {used|applied} for Windows. The {detailed|complete} {instructions|directions} on {how to do this|this task} are {below|given here}.

{Downloading|Loading} and {extracting|unpacking} from the archive

Mac {icons|graphics} in the {Internet|Web} are {usually|often} archived. {Archives|Files} can be of {two|different} {types|formats}: with the *.sit extension and with {the double extension|two extensions} *.sit.hqx. {A very rare|Uncommon} {version|type} is *.sit.sitx, they {should|have to} be {processed|handled} in the {same|similar} way as *.sit.hqx. To {extract|unpack} {files|graphics|icons} from the archive you {will need|require} {an archiver|a special software}. {Note|Consider} that you {need|require} an {archiver|application}, which {understands|reads|knows} the {macintosh|MAC} archives and {runs|works} {under|in} Windows. The most {popular|common of} such {archiver|applications} is Stuffit. It can be {found|downloaded} here: www.stuffit.com. Standard Edition 8.0 or {newer|more recent} is {recommended|suggested}. The {file for downloading|installation file} is {rather|quite} {large|big} (8 Mb). Stuffit {consists of|contains} the packer and {extractor|unpacker}. The {extractor|unpacker} {can be used|is available} {for free|free of charge} for unlimited time.

"Stuffit standard" is {quite|rather} a {capricious|demanding} so {make|be} sure to do {everything|all the steps} {exactly|just} how it is {described|written} below.

  1. {Launch|Start|Run} Stuffit Expander.
  2. Drag and drop your *.sit {archive|file} into Stuffit. {Otherwise|Or}, {use|go to} the File-Open menu {item|option} to {open|choose} the {archive|file}.
  3. {Now|Then}, find and {select|choose} {only|just} the {icons themselves|icon siles} in the archive, {otherwise|if not} the {program|application|software} {can|will} abort {when|during} {packing|process}. {Select|Choose|specify} all {necessary|required} items by {holding|pressing} … or ….. {Then|After that}, in the main menu {select|choose} Expand-Extract.
  4. In the "Extract Dialog" {window|box} that will {appear|open}, {press|click} Browse and {choose|select} where the {files|icons} will be {extracted|unpacked}. {Press|Click} OK. {If|When} you have {made|done} {everything|all the steps} {correctly|right}, you will {see|get} the {unpacked|extracted} files in the {selected|specified} {folder|directory}.
  5. If the {extraction|unpacking} process {completed|finished} {successfully|correctly}, close Stuffit. The {extraction|unpacking} is {completed|done|finished} but there are {things|other tasks} to {be done|do}.

{Converting|Transforming} {into|to} Windows {format|icons}

Now you {will need|require} one of the {following|listed} {programs|applications}: IconLover, ArtIcons Pro or IconXP. They can {quickly|easily} {read|understand} {Macintosh®|MAC} icons and {convert|transform|turn} them {into|to} Windows® {icons|graphics} in {seconds|no time}.

You can {work with|process} .icns and .rsrc {icons|files} the {same|similar} way you {work with|process} {pictures|images} of other {formats|types}: open them {using|with} the menu, drag and drop them {into|to} the {program|application} window, {add|place} to icon libraries.

{Some|Sometimes} {Mac|Macintosh®} icons {contains|have} only 128x128 {images|size}. In this {case|situation}, you will {have|need} to do 16x16, 32x32 and 48x48 {subicons|sizes}. You {can|are able} do it {using|with} ArtIcons, IconLover or IconXP and the Tools - New Image Format menu {item|option}.

{Then|Now}, just delete {unnecessary|unneeded} {formats|options} (for {example|instance}, monochrome) from the {icons|images|pictures} and {you can save|save} them as .ico {files|icons}!

{Extracting|unpacking} icons from *.sit.hqx. {archives|files}

To {solve|complete} this {task|process}, you will {need|require|use} one {more|other} {program|application} - TurboZIP (5.0 or newer).

{Run|Open|Start} it. Then in the {program|application} toolbar {press|click} "Open" and {select|choose} *.hqx in the "file types" {box|menu}. In the left {window|box|field} you will see the *.sit.hqx file and in the right {window|box|field} - {simply|just} *.sit. {Now|Then} {just|simply} drag {them|the files} using the {mouse|coursor} into any {folder|directory} ({for example,|like} the desktop). {Then|After that}, {process|unpack|extract} the *.sit {file|archive} as {described|written} {earlier|above}. The only {disadvantage|fault} of the {program|application} is that it is not {very|really} {stable|reliable}.

Popular Icon editors
Icon Perfect Toolbar Icons is a {collection|set} of {ready-made|pre-made|stock} icons for use in {commercial|business} and {personal|private} {programs|software|applications} and {websites|web-pages}. {The|All} icons have a {bright|balanced} color {palette|scheme}, {smooth|sleek} and well-rounded {edges|borders}. A variety of formats and {sizes|resolutions} is {provided|available}.

Icon {Enhance|Beautify} your {accounting|financial} or {business|market}-oriented {software|application|program} with {readily|instantly} {available|accessible} professional Business Toolbar Icons. {Over|More than} two hundred of {professionally|wonderfully} designed and {carefully|neatly} {crafted|created} icons {representing|picturing} {various|different} financial objects and {symbols|currencies} are {included|provided}.

Icon IconLover is our {pick|choice}. It {allows|enables} you to {design|create} and {edit|alter} {all kinds|any kind} of {graphics|images} {required|needed} in the {software|program|application} development cycle, {including|containing} icons, {static|simple} and {animated|moving} cursors and interface {elements|parts} - all these {kinds|types} of {graphics|images} can now be {designed|created} in a single {application|program}.

Icon Icon Processor is an icon converter. It {makes|creates} icons from your {images|pictures}. It's {possible|easy} to {convert|turn} 256-color {icons|images} into True Color icons and {XP|Vista} icons.

Icon ICL-Icon Extractor will {scan|search} your {files|images}, archives, {folders|directories} and all local {disks|drives} for icons. It can {download|get} icons from the Internet and {customize|edit} Windows icons.

Icon Perfect Icon {makes|creates} icon from any {graphic|image} file (PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, WMF and more) in {just|few} seconds. {Create|Make} {stylish|great} icons for Windows {XP|Vista}. Easily {replace|change}, {colorize|alter} and save icons that Windows {uses|selects} to {display|show} {standard|typical} objects, {folders|directories}, files.