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IconLover. Get Your Desktops Personality They Need

Aha-Soft, according to the latest trend for personalizing, introduces IconLover - graphic icon design tool. Use IconLover to make your personal icons as well as easily find existing free or paid ones.

icon maker Today computers are an essentialof our lives. We are so often looking at computer desktop with all the applications that appear on it that they can be thought of as another part (may be kind of a room) of our environment. And it is only meaningful that we should want to decorate and personalize it in the similar way we do it with the place we live or work in. Most of us choose our own background to change the standard ones provided together with our operating system, choose our own menu settings, etc. Until lately not that much people paid any attention to the icons, those little symbols that we see everywhere, click daily and that may stand for a file, folder, application or device on a computer desktop. Nevertheless, more and more people decide that this part of GUI (graphical user interface) is worth decoration. But then they meet with a problem: you can find sets of icons on the Web but it requires a lot of time and the free ones are often of poor quality and old, and the ones you have to pay for are pretty expensive.

Luckily there is a great solution to this situation. You can create icons yourself that will be 100% unique. This is exactly what IconLover, a product of Aha-Soft company, enables you to do. The main advantage of this tool is its absolute user friendliness. While IconLover has a lot of features to satisfy the most demanding icon designer, it lets everyone with basic computer literacy create their own, personalized icons and cursors in a few minutes. As soon as your icons are finished, you can easily substitute with them any regular icons. Trust us, it is an absolutely exhilarating feeling when your PC interface and different application windows liven up with the icons you have been creating just now.

Another option that distincts IconLover as a excellent tool is its multifunctionality. IconLover lets your talent flourish but it also lets you easily find icons that are already created. With IconLover you can find and download icons from the Web quickly and easily. Besides, with one mouse click in the application's window, you can get access to hundreds of exceptional pictograms at 777icons.com that have also been made with the help of IconLover and are comfortably categorized to make your search as simple as it can be. Aha-Soft does even more and offers its customers on-request icon design.

Icons have developed greatly since their first appearance in the 1970s at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center facility as a tool for making computer desktops easier for beginners to understand. Today we have icons of different resolutions, icons with pattern and color contrasts, highly detailed and animated icons.

In current usage today, the symbol can represent everything that the customer needs it to. Using IconLover you can design your own icons to represent your character and fulfill your needs in the best possible way.

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