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IconLover. {Give|Get} Your {Icons|Desktops} {Personality|a Character} They {Deserve|Need}

Aha-Soft, {following|according to} the {modern|latest} {trend|fashion} for {customization|personalizing}, {presents|introduces} IconLover - {creative icons customization|graphic icon design} tool. Use IconLover to {make|create} your {own|personal} icons {as well as|and} {easily|conveniently} {find|select} existing {free or paid|commercial or non-commercial} {ones|icon designs}.

icon maker {Today|Nowadays} computers are an {essential|necessary}of our {lives|lifestyle}. We are {so often|regularly} {looking at|seeing a} {computer|PC} {desktop|screen} with all the {windows|applications} that {appear|are} on it that they can be {considered|thought of} as {an additional|another} part ({some|may be} kind of a room) of our {homes and offices|environment}. And it is {only|definitely} {reasonable|meaningful} that we {should want|need} to {decorate|enhance} and {personalize|beautify} it in the {same|similar} way we do it with {the place we live or work in|our homes or offices}. {Most|Lots} of us {choose|select} our own {wallpapers|background} {instead of|to change} the {standard|regular|typical} ones {distributed|provided} {together|along} with {our|the} operating system, {choose|select} our {own|personal} {desktop|menu} {settings|styles|options}, etc. {Till|Until} {lately|recently} not {so many|that much} {users|people} paid {special|any} attention to the icons, those {small|little|tiny} {pictograms|symbols} that {we see|we have} everywhere, click {every day|daily} and that may {represent|stand for} a file, {folder|directory}, {application|program} or device on a {computer|PC} {operating system|desktop}. {Nevertheless|However}, {more and more|increasing number of} {people|users} decide that this {element|part} of GUI (graphical user interface) {is worth|deserves|needs} {customizing|decoration}. But then they {meet with|face} a problem: {you|one} can find {collections|sets|libraries|archives} of {icons|images} on the {Internet|Web} but it {takes|requires} {a lot|lots} of time and the {free|non-commercial} ones are {usually|often} of {poor|low} quality and {outdated|old}, {while|and} the ones {you have to pay for|that are for sale} are {rather|pretty} {costly|expensive|pricey}.

{But|Luckily} there is a {great|perfect} {solution to|way to solve} this {problem|situation}. You can {create your own icons|design icons yourself|create icons yourself} that will {look|be} 100% {original|unique}. This is {exactly|just} what IconLover, {a product|an icon maker|the best icon maker| a favicon maker|icon maker tool} of Aha-Soft {company|design company}, {makes you able|enables you} to do. The {greatest|main} {advantage|benefit} of this {tool|software|application} is its {absolute|total} user friendliness. While IconLover has {enough|a lot of} features to {satisfy|fulfill} the most {demanding|hard-to-please} {professional in the field of icon creation|icons professional|icon designer}, it lets {anyone|everyone} with {basic|minimal} computer {skills|literacy} {create|design|craft} their own, {personalized|unique} {icons|pictograms} and cursors in a {matter of|few} minutes. {As soon as|Once} your {icons|graphics} are {ready|finished}, you can {easily|simply} {substitute|interchange} with them {any|all} {default|regular} icons. {Believe|Trust} us, it is an {absolutely|obviously} exhilarating feeling when your {computer|PC} {desktop|interface} and {other|different} {application|program} windows {liven|brighten} up with the {icons|custom icons} you {created yourself|have been creating} {only seconds ago|just now}.

{Another|The other} {feature|option} that {characterizes|distincts} IconLover as a {great|excellent} {tool|software} is its {multifunctionality|multipurpose use}. IconLover {lets|allows} your {creativity|talent} flourish {but it also|and} {lets|enables} you {easily|conveniently} {find|locate} icons that {already exist|are already created}. With IconLover you can {find|select} and download {icons|images} from the {Internet|Web} {really fast|quickly and easily}. Besides, with {one mouse|a single} click in the {program's|application's} window, you can {get access to|reach} {thousands|hundreds} of {wonderful|exceptional} {icons|pictograms} at 777icons.com that {have also been|are as well} {created|made|crafted} {with the help of|using} IconLover and are {conveniently|comfortably} {categorized|organized} to make your search as {easy|quick|simple} as {possible|it can be}. Aha-Soft {goes even further|does even more} and {offers|brings} its {customers|clients} {on-request|custom} {icons creation|icon design}.

Icons have {gone a long way|developed greatly} since {they were first developed| they were first introduced|their first appearance} in the 1970s at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center facility as {a tool|an element} for making computer {interfaces|desktops} easier for {novices|beginners} to {grasp|understand}. {Today|Currently} we have {icons|pictograms} of {contrasting|different} {sizes|resolutions}, icons with {pattern|style} and color contrasts, {fine-detailed|highly detailed} and animated icons.

In {modern|current} usage today, the {icon|symbol} can {represent|identify} {anything|everything} that the {users|customer} {want|needs} it to. {With|Using} IconLover you can {create|design} your own icons to {represent|reflect} your {character|personality} and {satisfy|fulfill} your {needs|demands} in the {best possible|most appropriate} way.

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Icon {Enhance|Beautify} your {accounting|financial} or {business|market}-oriented {software|application|program} with {readily|instantly} {available|accessible} professional Business Toolbar Icons. {Over|More than} two hundred of {professionally|wonderfully} designed and {carefully|neatly} {crafted|created} icons {representing|picturing} {various|different} financial objects and {symbols|currencies} are {included|provided}.

Icon IconLover is our {pick|choice}. It {allows|enables} you to {design|create} and {edit|alter} {all kinds|any kind} of {graphics|images} {required|needed} in the {software|program|application} development cycle, {including|containing} icons, {static|simple} and {animated|moving} cursors and interface {elements|parts} - all these {kinds|types} of {graphics|images} can now be {designed|created} in a single {application|program}.

Icon Icon Processor is an icon converter. It {makes|creates} icons from your {images|pictures}. It's {possible|easy} to {convert|turn} 256-color {icons|images} into True Color icons and {XP|Vista} icons.

Icon ICL-Icon Extractor will {scan|search} your {files|images}, archives, {folders|directories} and all local {disks|drives} for icons. It can {download|get} icons from the Internet and {customize|edit} Windows icons.

Icon Perfect Icon {makes|creates} icon from any {graphic|image} file (PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, WMF and more) in {just|few} seconds. {Create|Make} {stylish|great} icons for Windows {XP|Vista}. Easily {replace|change}, {colorize|alter} and save icons that Windows {uses|selects} to {display|show} {standard|typical} objects, {folders|directories}, files.