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Create and Modify Application Icons and Cursors

Are you in need for the perfect icon editor? Look no further! Sib Icon Studio 3.0 does everything you expect of an icon editor, and is the first to allow making of the modern Windows Vista styled icons of 256x256 pixels. 

When creating a new application product, every application programmer faces a dilemma on whether to order a custom or pre-made set of icons, or to create the required images himself. Regardless of your choice, a good program for modifying the icons is essential.

Sib Icon Studio No pack of pre-made graphics can fit flawlessly into any but a very simple project, so being able to make changes to these icons is vital. Sib Icon Studio lets you to customize pre-made icons in no time! Rather often, the only modification that is necessary to make an icon fit another aim is a different color, a mirror flip or a simple turn of a stock icon. No need to be an artist or a professional designer in order to add or remove an object, adjust color, hue or drop a shadow. You don't even require a specific icon to begin with, as Sib Icon Studio can read any ico, png, gif, bmp, tga, xpm, cur, xbm, or wbmp file, and even immediately reach icons in .dll and .exe files.

It may seem that custom-made icons are exactly what you need, but that's only the first impression. When your product grows, you'll need more icons. Most likely, you'll desire to make additions of your existing collection. Can you purchase them from the artist who made them? Sure, that's the easy way. But are you ready to face the associated waiting and spending? You don't have to! Make changes to graphics, derive or craft new ones with Sib Icon Studio in a simple and handy way.

Sib Icon Studio enables you to easily make and edit icons in all typical and custom resolutions, and in the latest Windows Vista format of 256x256 pixels. Apply color depths of 16 or 256 colors, or make 32-bit True Color icons with semi-transparency and shadow effects. Make gradient and checkered fills with only one click; use visual effects and features for improving your graphics; navigate between icons in a tabbed interface, ;load or export icons to different file formats using Sib Icon Studio!

Sib Icon Studio is not limited to only icons. Make and modify static or moving cursors, toolbar images and image lists for your software just as simply as you would create or modify an icon!

Sib Icon Studio makes it easy to manage and navigate icon libraries and sets of icons, cursors and images. With its built-in search engine, you'll be able to locate icons on your hard drive in just moments, or download icons from the Web. Sib Icon Studio makes it simple to start your collection as it is provided with an included set of royalty-free icons. Expand your collection by extracting icons, cursors and pictures from Windows executables, .dll libraries and source files, and putting them to your icon library.

Get an evaluation version of Sib Icon Studio free of charge at:

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