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Icon Design

{Create|Make} and {Edit|Modify} {Software|Application} Icons and Cursors

Are you {looking|searching|in need} for the {perfect|sufficient|convenient} icon {editor|maker}? {Look|Search} no {further|more}! Sib Icon Studio 3.0 does {everything|all} you {expect|need} of an icon {editor|maker}, and is {one of the|the} first to {support|allow} {the creation|creating|making} of the {new|modern} Windows Vista {compatible|styled} icons of 256x256 {pixels|size}. 

{When|While|If} {releasing|creating} a new {software|application} {product|project}, {every|each} {software|application} {developer|programmer} {faces|has|gets} a dilemma on {whether|either} to order a custom or {ready-made|pre-made|stock} set of icons, or to {create|craft|design} the {necessary|required} {graphics|images} {in-house|at home|himself}. {Regardless|Aside} of {the decision|your choice}, a {good|convenient} {product|program|software} for {editing|modifying} the icons is {essential|necessary}.

Sib Icon Studio No {set|pack|collection} of {ready-made|pre-made|stock} {icons|graphics} can fit {perfectly|flawlessly} into any but a {very|really} {simple|plain} {product|project}, so {being able|ability} to {make changes to|alter|modify} these icons is {important|vital|a must}. Sib Icon Studio {allows|enables|lets} you to {customize|personalize} {ready-made|pre-made|stock} {icons|graphics} in {minutes|no time}! {Quite|Rather} often, the only {thing|modification} that is {necessary|required} to make an icon fit {a new|another} {purpose|aim} is a {change in|different} color, a {mirror|horizontal} flip or a simple {rotation|turn} of {an existing|a given|a stock} icon. {No|You don't} {need|have} to be an artist or a {professional|graphic} designer in order to {add|append} or {remove|delete} an {element|object}, {change|adjust} color, {hue|saturation} or {drop|make} a shadow. You don't even {need|require} a {dedicated|specific} icon to {start|begin} with, as Sib Icon Studio {can|is able to} {work with|process|read} any ico, png, gif, bmp, tga, xpm, cur, xbm, or wbmp file, and even {directly|immediately} {access|reach} icons in {Windows DLLs|.dll} and {executable|.exe} files.

It {might|may} {seem|appear} that {custom-made|ordered} icons are {exactly|quite} what you {need|want}, but that's {only|just} the {initial|first} {impression|feeling}. {When|While} your {product|projects} {grows|expand}, you'll {need|require} more {icons|graphics}. {Most likely|Probably}, you'll {want|desire|like} to make {derivatives|additions} of your {existing|purchased} {set|collection|pack}. Can you {order|purchase} them from the {designer|artist} who {created|made|crafted} them? {Of course|Sure}, that's the {obvious|easy} {choice|way}. {But|However} are you {prepared|ready} to {handle|face} the {associated|related} {delays|waiting} and {expenses|spending}? You don't {need|have} to! Make {changes|alterations} to {icons|graphics}, {derive|edit} or {create|craft} new {ones|icons} with Sib Icon Studio in {an easy|a simple} and {convenient|handy} way.

Sib Icon Studio {allows|enables} you to {easily|simply} {create|make|craft} and {modify|edit} icons in all {standard|typical|common} and custom {sizes|resolutions}, {including|and in} the latest Windows Vista {format|size} of 256x256 pixels. {Use|Apply} color depths of 16 or 256 colors, or {create|make} 32-bit True Color {icons|images} with semi-transparency and {shadow effects|shades}. {Create|Make} gradient and {checkered|plaid} fills with {a single|only one} click; use visual effects and {layers|features} for {enhancing|improving} your {icons|graphics}; navigate between {icons|worksheets} in a tabbed {environment|interface}, {import|;load} or export {icons|images} to {various|different} {file|graphic} formats {with|using} Sib Icon Studio!

Sib Icon Studio is not {limited|restrained} to {just|only} icons. {Create|Make} and {edit|modify} static or {animated|moving} cursors, toolbar {pictures|images} and {image|graphic} {lists|libraries} for your {applications|programs|software} just as {easily|simply} as you {would|can} {make|create} or {modify|edit} an icon!

Sib Icon Studio makes it {easy|simple} to {manage|handle} and navigate icon {libraries|packs} and {collections|sets} of icons, cursors and {images|pictures|graphics}. With its {built-in|integrated} search {features|engine}, {you'll be able to|you can} {locate|find} icons on your {hard drive|computer} in {just moments|seconds|no time}, or {download|load} icons from the {Internet|Web}. Sib Icon Studio makes it {simple|easy} to {start|begin} your {collection|library} as it {comes|is provided} with {a pre-defined|an included} {collection|set|pack} of royalty-free icons. {Expand|Enlarge} your {collection|library} by {extracting|getting} icons, cursors and {pictures|images|graphics} from Windows {executables|.exe}, {DLL|.dll} libraries and {resource|source} files, and {adding|putting} them to your icon {library|collection}.

{Download|Get} {an evaluation|a trial} version of Sib Icon Studio {for free|free of charge} at:

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