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{Collection|Set|Pack} of People Icons for Vista

{Enhance|Beautify} {software|applications} or {Web|Internet} {projects|products} with a {set|pack|collection} of {several hundred|hundreds of} people icons {drawn|created|crafted} in {similar|matching} {style|design}, colors and {gamma|tones}.

{Developing|Creating|Making} {user interface|GUI} for a software {project|product|application} or {designing|creating} Web {sites|pages}? You'll {certainly|definitely} find {handy|useful} {a few|several} hundred {icons|images} of people of {various|different} {backgrounds|nations}, social and {professional|working} {occupation|roles}!

Market or {custom-developed|order-made} {software|applications} {without|not containing} any{icons|symbols} {representing|illustrating} {humans|people} is rare. CRM {systems|programs}, {medical|healthcare} and {receptionist|office} {software|applications}, {databases|networks} and even text {processors|editors} {use|need} {images|icons} of {people|humans} in {various|different} forms. Icons {representing|illustrating|depicting} patients, users, administrators, {officers|accountants}, {doctors|surgeon}, {teachers|professors} and {students|policeman} can be {immediately|easily} {associated|connected} with {certain|one} types of {applications|software|programs}, {while|when} other {icons|symbols} such as {people|group}, {male|man} and {female|woman}, {clients|boss} and {customers|chief} {can be used|are useful} in a {variety|great number} of {products|projects}.

People Icons for Vista

Let a {single|one-time} investment {work for|be useful in} all of your {projects|products}, {software|programs} and Web {sites|pages}! The People Icons for Vista {set|collection|pack} by Aha-Soft is as {universal|ultimate} and {diversified|multifarious} as icons {come|can be}. {Containing|Consisting of} {several|a few} hundred {images|symbols} in {various|different} sizes, resolutions, {color|tones} and file {formats|types}, the {set|collection|pack} is {ready|available} to {enhance|improve} any {software|program} or {Web|Internet} {project|poduct}.

The People Icons for Vista {set|collection|pack} {includes|contains} general {people|human} {icons|symbols} such as {Male|Man}, {Female|Woman} and People, {as well as|along with} {images|icons|pictures} of {people|individuals} of {various|different} {ethnic|nations} and {social|cultural} backgrounds. The {set|collection|pack} {contains|holds} {numerous|lots of} icons {representing|illustrating} {sets|number} of {occupations|professions} in {certain|specific} {fields|areas}. For {example|instance}, there are {medical|healthcare} icons with Doctor, Physician, Dentist, Surgeon, Hospital Nurse, Optometrist, Immunologist, Cardiologist, Druggist, Psychologist, Receptionist, and {quite a few|a couple of} others to {represent|illustrate} just a single {field|area}. The {collection|set|pack} {includes|contains} {occupations|professions} in {healthcare|medicine}, labor, education, science, engineering, restaurant business, government and security.

The {entire|whole} {set|library|collection} of People Icons for Vista is {crafted|created|made} in Windows Vista {style|appearance}, making the {icons|images} {look|appear} {modern|contemporary} and {up-to-date|current}. {Each|Every} {icon|image} {comes|is provided} in two {versions|variations}, with {and|or} without a shadow. {All|The} {icons|images} are {supplied|provided} in {sizes|resolutions} of 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48 and 256x256 pixels, in 256 colors and 32-bit True Color with transparency. All {images|icons} {come|are} in BMP, ICO, PNG and GIF formats.

The {set|pack|library} {complements|corresponds} other {collections|sets|packs} of icons {by|at} vista-style-icons.com, {allowing|enabling} you to {choose|select} {several|number of} {libraries|sets|packs} and {rest|be} {assured|sure} they work {nicely|perfect} together {as|because} they are all {drawn|created} in {similar|matching} {style|appearance}, colors and {gamma|tones}. In {just|only} a {few|couple of} clicks, you can {obtain|get} enough {graphics|images} to deliver {software|applications} or {Web|Internet} {products|projects} in a {variety|lot} of {fields|areas}.

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